Desenvolvimento do projeto mecânico conceitual de uma ferramenta didática para roleteamento cilíndrico ou plano


In recent decades, the burnishing operation has gained relevance as a method of surface treatment of mechanical components. Burnishing is commonly used after the machining process in order to improve surface properties and resistance to cyclic loading of mechanical components. This article describes the development of the conceptual mechanical design of a burnishing tool with didactic purposes through Fusion 360 CAD (Computer Aided Design) software. In the development of the project, the steps of research, understanding of the problem and calculations necessary for the execution of the project were addressed, with all the results raised, the dimensioning of the helical compression spring and the screws used in the 3D modeling of the rolling tool was carried out. The project aimed to develop a reliable teaching tool that presents an alternative in relation to commercial equipment that have systems that use high pressure pumps or compressed air cylinders that increase the costs of the process. The results showed that the proposed burnishing tools have the capacity to withstand a burnishing force of 880 N and a burnishing pressure of 38.92 MPa which presents the execution efficiency and applicability of the project when compared to commercial tools. In addition, the proposed project enables the construction and dissemination of the technology.